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International Field & Tab has a network of tested and trustworthy partners in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Middle East, Egypt, Kenya and Ethiopia. In recent past we have conducted several B2B and B2C surveys in these markets. Some of our credentials as follows:

Study Title          :               Online Qualitative Community

Client                    :               ACCA UK/ Community Platform provider

An online community was moderated and managed by Mohsin Muslim to find out the students perception and experiences towards  ACCA  program. Platform  was designed by Dub Solutions (UK).

Study Title          :               Student Decision Making on Accounting Qualifications (Pakistan)

Client                    :               UK based lead agency

An Online survey was conducted to understand the factors important  considering various accounting qualifications  and analyze how price effects the decision to choose accounting qualifications. The survey was conducted students in the 3 metropolitan cities in Pakistan with a sample of 275.

Study title           :               Market Analysis based upon stake holders perception towards leading College

Client                    :               Leading University in Lahore

This research was conducted to gauge the knowledge attitudes and practices of various stakeholder groups including teachers, students, parents towards client. Findings of the study were used to address the positioning issues of the university. This study was based upon FGDs and face to face interviews among key stake holders.

Study Title          :               Pre Entry Market Assessment – Personal Care

Client                    :               Confidential

Recently we completed a desk study using published secondary data and meeting industry and retail experts. Objective was to find out potential of Personal Care products in Pakistan and some insights on its supply chain.

Study Title          :               Telecom Study

Client                    :               Leading Regional agency

Recently we completed a survey among 1000 respondents across National Sample. Client provided script and we deployed a team of 30 trained interviewers who collected data using tablets. FW was completed in 2 weeks time.  Data Collection was offline and field team transferred the data once they were back in the office on same day/next day basis.

Study Title          :               Product Test

Client                    :               Leading Regional Agency

CLT on soft drinks in Lahore and Sukker.  Client provided online links .  We arranged laptops where respondents filled questionnaires with the facilitation of interviewers . Data entry was in real time.

Study Title          :               Agriculture Survey

Client                    :               Leading Regional Agency

A survey among large farm owners on the use of client’s product on Wheat crop. Its annual tracking study.

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