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    International Field & Tab is a premier research organization specialized in high quality information collection for market and social research.

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    International Field & Tab is a Professional owned organization. The CEO has more than 25 years of experience in managing qualitative & quantitative research projects for International and local clients.

  • Education in Pakistan - Literacy Rate Snapshot

    The latest available survey results show that literacy rate in Pakistan has increased to 60 percent in 2018-19 from 58 percent in 2013-14. Except Baluchistan, the trend is increasing in all other provinces and more prevalent in rural areas than urban areas. Comparatively the stats in Punjab are much better than any other province...

  • Education in Pakistan – What Proportion of Population has Ever Attended the School?

    The Household Integrated Economic Survey 2018-2019, about the Education in Pakistan, tells that 61 percent of the population (10 years or older) has ever attended the school. The figure is consistent with the surveys conducted back in 2011-2012 and 2013-2014. This survey has accounted for population (10 years or older) who are out of school, have never attended the school and the dropouts...

  • Fieldwork network beyond boundaries – Recent Assignments

    International Field & Tab has a network of tested and trustworthy partners in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Middle East, Egypt, Kenya and Ethiopia. In recent past we have conducted several B2B and B2C surveys in these markets. Some of our credentials as follows...

  • Tidbits for Doing Effective B2B Research in Pakistan

    As per the last economic census conducted in Pakistan, there are 3.25 million establishments doing business in Pakistan. There is marked difference in the number of establishments per province with Punjab having the highest number of establishments (64%) in Pakistan, to Baluchistan which has only 2% of the total establishments in Pakistan...

  • Creating Value – From Insight to Foresight – ESOMAR MENAP Conference , Dubai

    Mr. Mohsin Muslim CEO, International Field & Tab was one of the speakers at ESOMAR conference, held in Dubai in March 2014...


    International Field & Tab was founded by Mohsin Muslim in 2008. Mohsin has more than 20 years of experience in conducting & managing more than 1000 research project for some of the largest procurers of research including the World Bank, UN, National Governments. International NGOs, Fortune 500 corporations as well as top 4 research organizations in the world.