More often than ever it is important for global organizations & global researchers to connect with the local consumers to understand local attitudes and behaviors. However, there are two challenges to this

  1. Real time access to local consumers
  2. Local Context Interpretation

Internet platforms or forums enable real time access which is both time and cost efficient for the client, the research team & consumer.

For this purpose, it is important that the target population has internet access as well as the trust & willingness to contribute on social forums. available estimates, Pakistan have internet access among 5% households while 20% HHs own a computer.

There is a silver lining to this and most of the online respondents in Pakistan can only communicate by using the local language “Urdu” in latin alphabets which can only be translated and interpreted by experienced  local researchers who understand the local context as well as the hybrid nature of the text language.

Therefore, there is a clear importance for careful real time collaboration of global organizations, global researchers as well as local interpreters in actually deriving value from the real time access to the consumers via the internet