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The Future of Market Research Decoded

The rise of AI technologies and the expansion of mobile data in the digital era play a pivotal in generating semi-structured data that can be decoded and turned into valuable information. Use of dashboards, AI enabled platforms technologies, such as Google Glass and smartwatches, offer abundant opportunities for gathering data and gaining insight into human behavior and health. However, realizing the full potential of modern technology requires a harmonious collaboration of human knowledge and technical capabilities. Research industry’s focus in recent years has shifted from simply gathering vast amounts of data to harnessing it to answer specific questions. Research organizations now recognize the importance of providing actionable insights combining analytical tools and human creativity.

Data scientists are key players in this changing industry. Research organizations must catch up by embracing Business Intelligence (BI) based modern technologies. As the collection of personal data becomes more prevalent, concerns regarding privacy and data protection are growing. Data gathering must be simplified to make it a useful feature rather than a violation of privacy. Transparency is essential, and people are more likely to agree to data collection when they are aware of the benefits and reasons behind it.

Operating systems, mobile platforms, and web browser developers should set specific rules for data gathering based on user preferences. The future of market research lies in leveraging data to provide practical insights and recommendations. Motivating and pressuring people to change their thinking and doing is crucial now. Market research data collection will shift to using data as a tool to generate practical strategies. The long-term survival of the sector depends on increased skills and effective value-added engagement with research consumers and the general public.

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